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About British Curlies

Hi Curlies,

Welcome to a place where you are celebrated and understood.

Since 2009 British Curlies was launched for anyone with naturally curly, kinky curly, wavy or curly afro hair living in the UK and Beyond who need advice and support on getting the best out of their curl type and superb curl friendly products; this site is created and dedicated to You! My dream is to see Curlies from all across the British Isles, Europe and Beyond banding together and forming friendships, recognizing in each other more similarities than differences.

British Curlies DaisyWhy choose a name like British Curlies? Because I feel that we deserve a website where we can connect and share as having curly hair in the UK is a unique experience that anyone living here can attest to. Also we are based here in the UK. We are lucky to have members from all over the world as well who share their stories and Curly experiences. A warm welcome to everyone wherever you are grinBritish Curlies Rosie

Have you ever felt like you needed advice or someone to talk to about your curly hair that would truly understand how you were feeling without judgement or rebuke? Well I have and it has not been easy finding information or salons that were kind to curls.

I looked around and realised that we didn’t have a resource centre for us to turn to. I went on a “curl quest” to read and research anything and everything I could find on curly hair and with this knowledge I decided to create a home to give us all a place to share, care and champion our naturally curly hair!

British Curlies PoppyCurly hair is a beautiful thing...there is never a dull moment with curly hair it has a life of its own and adds not only to your beauty but to your strength of character when you wear your natural curls with pride. More importantly this website will give you the tools and know-how to have the best curly days ever with You as the best curl stylist for your own amazing curls!

For years I walked around in a haze of ignorance and accepted the status quo that straight hair was the goal to aim for and beat my curls into submission with flat irons and chemical straightners. I just never thought about it. A year to the date of the launch of this website it suddenly dawned on me that I had a choice in how I wore my hair and from that moment I made a pledge to myself to give my naturally curly hair a chance to just be !

British Curlies Jasmine

We all have our stories to share and through your support this website could be an amazing place to help and encourage Curlies from all across the UK and Beyond. Lets join together to create a fantastic resource centre for all future Curlies to come.

You will find inspiration and some carefully selected curl specific products that I hope you will love...however I want you to know that the real focus of British Curlies is always you and your curly stories.

I hope you like what I have created but the true magic will come from You! Dive in and start making a purposeful connection with your own naturally beautiful curls. There is nothing more freeing and liberating than embracing all aspects of your true self.

Love, Happiness and Curls

Keisha Jo Lawler



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Curls Ebony

Curlie Ebony maintains her Curls with Curls Ecstasy Tea Conditioner, Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream, Curl Soufflé and Curls Milkshake

Photo courtesy of CURLS

Curl Wisom

Fabulous curls sleep on silk pillowcases. Wake up with happier curls!

Curl Icons
Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston, WOW is what we say. She took our breath away in Moll Flanders! I think most British Curlies spent the time watching her curls in action. Seriously though Alex Kingston is a real Icon for staying true to her curls despite the pressures of fame and Hollywood.